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The Balloon Explorium needs YOU!

Volunteers are needed in all aspects of Balloon Explorium programs. We work with teachers in their classrooms, presenting aspects of lighter than air flight to the students; we assist with building and flying tissue paper balloons at schools and other events; we need assistance with a new membership program, and we are developing a newsletter that will be produced and mailed three times a year.

There is something here for everyone.

The rewards are great!

If you enjoy...

  • seeing a child's face light up when they see their paper balloon fly,
  • a youngster's expression when they make burner noise,
  • the pride of someone getting the right answers on a quiz board,
  • the satisfaction of understanding the "Albuquerque Box",
then, this is a place for you.

We are developing a volunteer program with rewards based on the amount of time you work. We would love to have you come get in on the ground floor of this program.

Young girl with a BIG smile

If you are interested in helping on a Balloon Explorium program Call (505) 899-0700 or send an e-mail to our Volunteer Coordinator at